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  1. [Archive] Digital WIPs + Progress

    First Posted Jun 24, 2018 – Sneak peak into some new stuff in the works. Rewards for the month will be shipped out this weekend!  Thanks again for all the support!

  2. [Archive] Clear Tape Designs

    First Posted Feb 11, 2018 – I made two new washi tape designs this past weekend to be hopefully delivered to me by the end of March (hence not being put up on my store yet). Making clear washi tape was always really intriguing to me. I got the chance…

  3. [Archive] Clippings Progress + Photos

    First Posted Jan 7, 2018 – I shipped off most orders of the clippings bundle set (thank you so much to all those who ordered!!). The original bundle was built around the Clipping sketchbook which features a simple black design with icongraphic elements, which allowed you to use the tape…

  4. [Archive] Year in Review: 2017 + Sketchbook Flip-through

    First Posted Dec 28, 2017 – It’s nearing the end of the year so I figured it’s a good time to reflect on how this year went. I think art-wise I definitely didn’t create nearly as many pieces as I did the previous year due to school and working at…

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