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  1. [Archive] Pen/Nib/Bottle - Lamp + Enamel Pins Progress

    First Posted Mar 10, 2019 + May 30, 2019 (Update) – It’s been a while since I wanted to share my thoughts and process involved in creating a pen-related series of merch. I had a lot of ideas, though some that feel as though it fell a bit short of…

  2. [Archive] Developing a Custom Shelf

    First Posted Feb 25, 2018 (Part 1) & Mar 4, 2018 (Part 2) The original posts were created as 2 separate posts, but in archiving and bringing over the posts, I decided to be compiled into one. – I said I’d write this a while ago, but now that my…

  3. [Archive] Acrylic Shelf Assembly

    First Posted Jan 30, 2018 – I received these yesterday and I’m so super excited and happy about them!! This is just a small post to give a preview and for friends who end up being my guinea pigs to test out the assembly process. I did mention these shelves…

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