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First Posted Sept 9, 2018

This has been an idea I wanted to give another try to after the collaboration sticker calendar set I made back a couple years ago with a friend.

This time I wanted to go with a more simple take on the layout and stick with something that today’s me would tend to use more, something more minimalistic. Unrelated, but I actually built it in-between downtime at work this past summer.. using Powerpoint

The idea behind this set was the fact that I personally prefer academic calendars because it lets the new fresh school year be a reset from a summer of thoughts and reflections. And being in school for so long.. I’m still not the best of adjusting from a summer of working to going back to being a scholar.

Planners and journals are nice (and something that I would eventually like to make..!), but there’s something modular about sticker sets that appeal to me.. I like that you can utilize something that you already have existing at home (i.e. sketchbooks or notebooks) and let’s face it- we all have some blank books hoarded haha.

For this set especially, they were made to correspond with the sketchbooks I made recently.. or at least the size they were produced at. Because these pages are a lot wider than the usual A5 books, it leaves you a lot of room to doodle on the sides and decorate with whatever to your choosing.

Lots of potential room for doodling or for adding a legend, etc..!

From attending cons and talking to people who have picked up more than one– this also gives them a reason to finally start using the paper or at least be more creative if the books are opened and ready for use, rather than letting them sit off to the side (I get a little sad when people tell me the sketchbooks are too pretty to be used TT).

Because this set was produced as stickers.. means also that they are not tied to being used in one book only. I find that usually whatever planner I get, only lasts for a couple months before I completely abandon it or just.. forget to go back and update it because things get busy. Although this set was made with the “year” in mind, it’s actually just 12 pages of potential!

I stuck four months into another notebook for school, and one month into my sketchbook for inktober. Using the same planner at the same time but with plans for different things in my life going on (exams and deadlines vs. art goals). Similarly, you don’t have to keep them as spreads either, although it wouldn’t make as much sense for monthly spreads– but I imagine you could split your week from MTWT from FSS if you needed more room to document what happened!

One attribute that I didn’t plan for but am happy about is the fact that the sticker paper has corrugated backs that make it so you can adjust your pages and lay them out before sticking them down permanently. It works so well in my favour haha.

Here is a template of all the pages; I spent a good couple weeks flipping through planner designs and brainstorming about the ones I personally liked and used the most, while also keeping to a nice and clean design.. and this is what I came up with!

The yearly page is something I really like. It actually has 6 rows instead of the usual 5 that most calendars have, which usually ends up with a split whenever there’s the one or two months where the first of the month begins at the end of the week rather than the beginning.

I also like that you can also choose to not put in dates for the months that you skip or don’t necessary need the details… more doodling/customization room!

Monthly spread is a must for any planner imo.. even if you don’t have dailies or weeks, I think this short-term planning is always necessary; or at least I’ve been primed to think so from all the wall and desk calendars.

The # symbol for each day is printed lightly so it’s a suggestion for where the date numbers can be so it can be consistent. And just like the yearly- you can choose to skip a month or a couple days, if it’s really not as important to your use of the calendar. 

There are also monthly tracker pages! I actually never got into the habit of this, but I always find it something that I would like to eventually pick up.. especially when I think about personal health goals.

Personally, I find I don’t have that many that I would like throughout the month so I chose to split mine into smaller segments and used lines to help indicate the start and end of each week to help orient myself relative to the month and days. I’m thinking of using highlighters to indicate the weekend, but I’ll see how the month goes before I add more changes! I also slashed out parts for the months that don’t extend to the 31st (see spread above).

Finally, this weekly spread is one of my faves format. It lets you document your day via time, and also gives you the option to use it as a to-do list or just free doodling space. Similar to the month pages, the # are printed lighter so you can write the day of the month in to help you orient time.

In total, this set includes ninety-eight (98) 4” x 6” sheets (it’s a thiiiiiick set), printed in black and white on writeable matte sticker paper:

  • 1 set of yearly spread (2 pages each)
  • 12 sets of monthly spread (2 pages each)
  • 12 sets of monthly habit spread (2 pages each)
  • 24 sets of weekly spread (2 pages each)

I chose to do this round with Monday start since.. I had to make a decision, and opted for this because it meant that the week pages would have Friday/Saturday/Sunday together on one page.

Thank you so much for reading!

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