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First Posted Feb 23, 2019

Was feeling in a moderately low mood this past week (thanks to friends who checked in and stuck around too), but slowly picking up things again. It’s been a while since I took some in-betweens while drawing something so this is just going to be a compilation of those photos!

I reconnected recently with peri and somehow we got on the topic of watercolours again and decided it’d be a bit of fun to share some colours. So we made each other some swatch cards, and recently I picked up the brush to experiment with all these colours.

Over lunch, we got on the topic of colour mixing and she showed me some recent examples with her palette and it felt like she relit the interest I once had in colours haha.

We also got onto the topic about making swatches and I followed suit with making some in one of my relatively newly released grid notebooks. It was kinda nice to dig out everything I had stored away and confront just how much I had hoarded over time haha.

I never really understood the initial stir that people had over the Daniel Smith interference colours but.. I kinda understand now.

All this prompted me to pick up my brush again and I played around with a couple of the colour she gave me, with my interests piqued at the QOR samples she shared with me. I normally don’t have as much interest in watercolour as much as ink because.. the medium usually was as interesting as the single colour pigment that was added in the medium. You could add layers because they were transparent to create beautiful works, but while I do layer sometimes, I tend not to go past 1-2 because it takes a long time. Ink always intrigued me more because the properties were like happy accidents because the dyes created new colours as you added water.

Somehow these colours that she shared with me were different from other watercolours I’ve tried..! I feel like the pigments were a lot more ground and the paint might’ve borrowed some properties of ink(?). There’s one colour in particular, Quinacridone Gold that was similar to Noodler’s Apache Sunset too, orange shades to a golden yellow..!! The only downside to QOR paints was that some of them took a ridiculously long time to dry (partially because of the honey I believe, but that moisture is locked in tight into those paints, which means they were also super easy to rewet).

I was predominantly using the sample dot card that peri gave me, but I quite like these colours. You can pretty much make all the colours given a bit of mixing.

White accents..!

While taking photos, I got some more perspective on the drawing and it really did feel a bit heavy to one side of the page without much flow.. in the above photo you can see that the eye kinda was drawn from the right top side and your eye got drawn lower down, but got stuck at the character without very much leadoff from the page, stuck in the darker colours.. decided to help lead the eye back around with some puddles in the bottom right corner. 

I also added portions that fall right off the page (to break the symmetry at the bottom too)..!

I think the best part about puddles is that they have interference patterns that are similar to light and just pass through each other.. overlap is nice when using a water medium (haha).

Just some extra details.. I love love loooove how similar these colours are to ink, you get some nice blues and un-knowingly lighter pinks in the wash.

And final mess of a palette haha. It’s like art itself mmm.

Not really sure how useful or if people like progress posts but this was fun to do since it’s been a while. I’m probably going to spend the next little while finishing up the colours on this palette.

Thanks for reading!

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