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First Posted Sept 5, 2019

This is side project I’ve been working on with some friends, and that a lot of people have wanted to know more about, since it has been popping up from time to time - Poketto.

Note/Disclaimer: All photos used in this post (aside from mockups and drawings), along with the watermelon and seagull, were taken by Darian Hang and used with permission.

Poketto (ポケット)

I think because most people have come across the brand from me, I’ve heard it being called many times that it is my apparel brand. That really isn’t the case.


Poketto is a project I started with two friends - Darian and Adam (for full disclosure purposes, my SO). Although unintentional, it worked out well because Darian’s hobby lies in professional photography/videography and social media hype, myself in design, and Adam in logistics and all the other backend work (and is also the primary owner, working on Poketto full-time).

The idea actually started off as a meme (I was joking with Adam about making pocket tees and we talked hypotheticals of a brand - SuperDry meets Supreme meets Uniqlo.. I mean the name literally comes from a direct translation of pocket haha), but being the person I am - it became an idea that somehow got pushed to fruition.

It’s been a lot of work, but rewarding work nonetheless. It’s quite strange to be working with a team of people when I am more individualist with my work, but the learning curve hasn’t been too steep and it’s been fun to grow something together with others.

Currently, Poketto doesn’t really make much money because of all the logistics needed to make the product (apparel is hella expensive especially if you decide not to compromise quality and continuously reinvest back into the next continuous run), but it’s now a project we have become quite pretty well invested in and want to see how far we can take it.

Serendipity made the meaning behind Poketto a lot more meaningful, but it’s something I’m really happy to get the opportunity to work on and grow. The heart shape worked out perfectly to be fitting with the name, the logo, and also the placement for the pocket being on the left side of the chest; it also is designed to be a homage to Adam’s love for games (like the gamer heart).

I bounce ideas with both Darian and Adam, and it’s fun to see how far we take it sometimes. Since its beginning stages, I spent a lot of time thinking of designs that were minimal, quite appealing to the eye, but still culturally respectful and meaningful (as someone who is not and does not speak Japanese). It really means a lot that it’s well translated, having met many many people at conventions this past summer and read through the heartfelt messages online.

The three series in sequence thus far! 1: Poketto, 2: Sakura, 3: Summer.

For those who have supported the products, the idea, the existence of this project, online or at conventions - thank you so very much. It really means a lot to us and we hope you’ll stick around to watch it grow as well!

Series 3: Summer 🍉💥

Side note: sometimes it feels like I don’t really make much posts unless it’s to sell something, but I guess this is the price I pay for curving my art into making merchandise/pieces that have potential to have a financial return… admittedly, it feels good to be able to eat haha.

So, while this post wasn’t really meant to promote or sell the shirts in any way, I hope you’ll enjoy some of the behind the scenes for the current series - Summer.

We got this out a bit later than intended, since its release was supposed to be closer to the beginning of August to mark the ending months of summer.. but in actuality, it’s quite impressive we got it out within the month at all haha.

The idea of the end of summer.. is amongst one of the feelings that is mixed with a bit of romanticism in my head. It’s like wrapping up a season, capturing months of fond memories, new experiences, and time spent with friends and family - I felt like the best way to capture both the bright sunshine filled days, and nights full of bonding: watermelon and fireworks.

The next portion won’t really be explained for the most part, but just some behind the scenes with the planning and drafts to brainstorm and come up with the final design!

Sketches + Concepts




I hope this post helps to shed a bit of light on the process, and also more information on Poketto (in terms of my involvement). This only shows part of the work, excluding the process required to get the shirts made, packaged/shipped, and even the amount of time taken to coordinate photoshoots and edit the photos.

If you’d like to support the new series and/or the brand in general, you can find more information on the website!


Thank you so much for reading!

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