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First Posted Dec 25, 2017

Needed a new cover for a zine so decided to pull out the new sketchbook that a friend ordered online and let me buy one off from her. We didn’t know that travelogue made super large sketchbooks so it was quite a price raise to get them in, but quite worth since its been a while since I’ve had a sketchbook at such a large size. I used to use this brand of sketchbooks a lot because it could handle the heavier washes and inks would dry super fast on them, but stopped investing it them after making my own custom notebooks (with whiter paper and not so much tooth).

I have a habit of keeping the sketchbook info at the back pocket just in case it’s not printed as part of the book, just so if I like it I can refer to the sheet and get another one haha.

I used to use a larger pan of dried tube watercolours but I quite liked the look of half pans and being able to limit your palette. It was mostly prompted after a friend posted her decision to switch to half pans too.

Anyway a progress..!

When I was younger, my art teacher used to tell us to stop incrementally to look at our pieces from afar.. I never really picked up the habit, but taking photos kinda does that since you can see how all the elements are working together as you progress. Comparing this one to the next, you can see I decided to darken the top left to create more focus on the character instead of leading the eye off the page.

Because I did so many passes, it was kinda amusing to see how well the paper held up against the amount of water and ink that was seeping through the page. Not too bad though; if I didn’t do as many layers, I’d definitely be able to draw on the other side like my other sketchbooks.

I also decided it’d be fun to test out my new HP Sprocket too with printing out some on photo paper and seeing how it would turn out between filtered and unfiltering photos.

My new zine should be coming in January when I open my store in 2018 and will encompass most of the drawings I made in the latter 2/3 of 2017. It be 48 pages + 4 cover!

Thanks for reading~

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