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First Posted December 30, 2020

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while but as this year comes to a close, I feel like it’s about the right time to break my pause and to share my ultimatum in regards to Patreon as a platform - I’ve decided to close my creator account. Reasons/thoughts to be shared down below.

To Patrons

For everyone who have stuck around partially, are still around, and even those who have since left - thank you so much for your patience and generosity for your time. I hadn’t realize that Patreon didn’t pause payments when you deleted tiers and continued to charge per month while I took a break.

As such, for those who have contributed since my pause and long after, I have documented all email addresses and will be reaching out sometime in early 2021 via email. Thank you for your patience till then!

Personal Update

In the recent months, some may have noticed I have deleted my instagram, and also decreased my usage on my public twitter. It’s a bit of scaling back but I think it was necessary. 

In July when I had taken a pause; the accumulation of personal stress and the lack of time to prepare for wfh caused a slew of muscle problems and affected my daily life to the point where I couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours, nor sit at my desk for long periods of time. I have since gone to RMT and physiotherapy which has helped tenfolds, and it really gave me a new perspective. The feeling of wanting to do something ‘productive’ while having so many others forge ahead on their own projects was really negative to my mental space and I needed to step away. It also made me realize how negative it felt for me not to celebrate other people’s projects instead of comparing them with my own. It makes me sad that I had let myself get to the point of being ignorant of the emotions that were piling on and not taking a break away as that was the most productive thing to do at that point.

In reflection of that, alongside the new year, I wanted to scale back. Rather than maximizing reach and growth as others tend to do, I want to do things at my own pace, and being on Patreon - well that doesn’t really work with that. I understand I can change the setting to ‘per project’ but for someone who was also planning on making store updates and posts - should I be paid for making a post about my store opening? At what point is there a differentiation between what constitutes as an update vs. something worthy of patron support? Should there be a differentiation?


After much deliberation, I’ve decided to go with what I’ve wanted to do so long: switch over to my own  website and treat it as a hub of all my personal projects:


At the current moment, there hasn’t been much update, but I hope to utilize the blog functionality, alongside with having paid for a website platform (rather than just a storefront), I want to create an archive of all the things I’ve done so it can be used as a place to check back and/or just get some inspiration, should anyone be interested in that.

I have also created an email list for the time being which you can sign up for at the link above.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on here and also for those who continue to be interested in the few things I release into the world. I will be taking it slower, but hopefully with the extra time, comes projects that have been more solidly built and thought out.

For the last time,

Thank you for reading!

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