[Archive] Clippings Progress + Photos

First Posted Jan 7, 2018

I shipped off most orders of the clippings bundle set (thank you so much to all those who ordered!!).

The original bundle was built around the Clipping sketchbook which features a simple black design with icongraphic elements, which allowed you to use the tape and stickers on the cover to customize for your own use.  

The pinhead enamel pin was also not initially put in as part of the bundle, but I decided to include it since it was somewhat fitting and a nice bonus.

Completed bundle features the following:

  • 1 x Clippings sketchbook
  • 8 x Handcut sticker set
  • 3 x Lightbulb paperclips
  • 1 x Assets clear washi tape
  • 1 x Black pen + 1 x Black eraser (bonus)

I actually fit all of the stickers on a letter (8.5” x 11”) sized page, and while I had an inkling about how big they’d be, I certainly didn’t expect one of the stickers to exceed the size of a A6 page LOL. It’s actually quite nice to see such a giant sticker though, it means they’re big enough to be coloured if you so choose!

It makes me so grateful people were on board with this personal side-project. 

Here’s a progress video with the drawings for this bundle:

Thanks for reading..!

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