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First Posted Feb 11, 2018

I made two new washi tape designs this past weekend to be hopefully delivered to me by the end of March (hence not being put up on my store yet). Making clear washi tape was always really intriguing to me. I got the chance to make one of my initial ideas a while back. I find the clear aspects really fun to plan around and play with!

Design 1

I’ve been trying to do this for a while, but I want the merch that I make to be not only be visually pleasing, but also quite practical, or something different that you can’t normally get from the bigger suppliers.

For this specific design, I wanted to make tape that you could use as tabs (i.e., fold over on themselves symmetrically).

I had a lot of plans to make a lot of different characters and have it really fun to spice up your journals, but due to the lack of time and a longer set up time (to ensure it’d be symmetrical with room for error on the user’s end), I ended up opting for a simpler design of just heads (the top child in this pic made it to the second design though). Here, the heads would fold over each other to make a tab along the side of your book..!

I also made sure to make the eyes of the child match the colour of the tab so it is another indicator for the user for what each section is for.

The fold line is to help you align it properly, as are the gridded bits behind the child’s head. In this preview it also looks like plain block colours, but actually the colour block elements will have stripes which is possible through the clear elements (partial transparency). It also helps as a guide if you plan on writing or labelling each tab.

The best part is if you choose not to use the tape for this purpose, you still have a lineup of heads to use as a pattern tape with block elements. It’s all just up for the user’s preference.

Outer tape packaging. I had to use my nib child hehh.

I think even with the issue of details getting lost in the small size of tape, I would like to try a more fun version of this idea later on though! Maybe next time I manage to catch another clear tape order and can afford the time as well.

Design 2

This second one, I’ve released publicly on my twitter account, which is a doodle log of some of the drawings that I never really made anything out of from my previous doodling sessions on procreate. I actually had another idea for my design, but due to lack of time, it seemed like an idea that would actually utilize the clear aspects of the tape.

Sticker profiles for the two sticker bits that will package the tape!

These kiddos will be the sticker set perk for the $20 patrons for the month of February! They will be fitted on a 8.5x11 sheet (similar to the original clippings set). This will be a bit later than my original planned deadline of “before the 15th of every month” but due to midterms, I’ll have to push sending them off to the coming Sunday (February 18th).

Since this tape won’t be released till much later on, I’ll be releasing this to patrons only for the time being, and release it publicly in March. So hopefully this is something also that the $1 patrons can also enjoy as a huge token of thanks!

Final Product Photos

Thanks for reading!

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