hello, my name is @eecks.

hello*today was started in 2012 originally as a storefront to sell my first Monthly Ink Challenge zine. Over time, the name has evolved to represent an accumulation of personal projects, encompassing drawings, development of ideas/proofs of concepts, and merchandise. 

The name was inspired by the iconic 'Hello, World!', hoping to capture its simplistic, yet monumental value; at a smaller scale and acting as a personal daily reminder. I hope to capture the essence in my personal projects, trudging along my own path in whichever direction I deem fit.

@eecks is my alias used online. The 'e' came from an older username 'ecarg' (my name spelled backwards) and the 'ecks' is a representation of 'X', inspired by One Piece. 

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A Silent Observer

The Cube Child originated as a small doodle drawn in 2018. It was later developed further and used as a logo because its ability to capture and present the essence of the 'silent observer'. 

Rather than being caught up in the waves of the busy-ness and societal constructs, the cube child is a representation of hopes to be able to slow down and fully process thing we observe, feel, and think.


hellotoday.coffee + Other Links

This domain was originally used for my storefront and recently decided to be a designated space on the web that will act as a hub/archive of my personal projects. Rather than stretching myself thin across many different websites and platforms, I wanted a place that evolved with my interests, rather than the interests of those with a higher capital value.

It will continue to have my storefront, but will also contain an archive of my projects, a blog of updates, and other small ongoings that I wish to try/test.

However in today's online landscape, it is unrealistic to be fully secluded from all other platforms. Not all things uploaded here may be found on other sites, but all things will be shared/linked/updated on this domain and you can keep up to date by joining the email list.

Other Platforms:


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